About The ClinkUp Team

Here to demistify how money works

Here at ClinkUp, we were stuck in the rat race with a pile of student loans, a handful of credit cards, and car payments while trying to figure out what our careers would be. After wading through endless online gurus that promised get rich quick schemes only to deliver generic motivational quotes, we decided to apply logical strategies and statistics to begin to turn the tides and get ahead of the game.

We realized that we needed to stop the need to endlessly consume. We turn our focus on producing something that would help others, that's you. You are where we were, whether that is deciding a education and career path, climbing out of debt, buying a house, or starting a business. ClinkUp has been there. The lessons on this website were learned through countless hours of research that led to trial and error action to find what works.

This website is our business section in action. We aim to make this an educational website first and foremost. We also want this to be an example of how to build a business. The is an affiliate marketing website, one of the business ideas mentioned throughout the website. We are on this journey with you.