Grow your wealth

Make your money work for you to achieve financial freedom. Here you will find general investment information as well as specific information on a variety of asset classes.

Making your money work for you

You work hard for your money and you probably think that your time equals your income. You might say things like "I make X dollars per hour." or "I'll never be able to afford to retire with my current salary." What if there is a better way? Let us look at how money actually works and how you can take advantage of how the system works to afford the life you deserve.

Investing does not have to be a risky behavior that is extremely complicated. If investing feels risky, you should probably rethink your strategy. That is where ClinkUp can help!

Learn how to invest in quality companies that you believe in and match your values. Learn how to succeed in real estate. There are many ways to grow your wealth that can fit your interests and goals!

Visual learner? Check out our compound interest calculator

Should I just open a savings account?

Opening a savings account is the typical advice you might get from your parents or grandparents. While this might have been good advice for previous generations, savings accounts can actually cost you money! This is due to historically low interest rates and inflation. If your dollar can buy fewer things than it could 5 years ago and your savings account is paying you less than a penny for every dollar you have in the account, your buying power goes down!

Does this mean that saving money is a bad idea? Absolutely not! You should be saving as much money as your budget allows. The important part is where you are putting those savings that can be the difference in living the life you deserve and living paycheck to paycheck. Most people are not taught how money works and are unaware of the magic of compound interest. Before you fall asleep at the thought of such a boring financial term, take a look at the video below to see the exponential potential of this idea. The earlier you start saving and reinvesting your returns, the larger your account will grow! Eventually, you will reach the point where your interest payments can cover all of your expenses. Congratulations, you are now financially free!

Assets vs Liabilities

Seeing the world in terms of assets and liabilities is absolutely life changing. Learn more about the difference between the two and how liabilities are often mistaken for money making assets.


An asset pays you to own it. Whether this is a rental house in real estate or a dividend-paying stock, assets are the key to getting out of the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.
Provide an income
Become more valuable over time
Rental property
Stocks & Bonds
Items used for your business (computer, camera, education, etc.)
Intellectual Property


Think of these as "money pits" that need to be maintained. These cost you money to own but to not have any chance of earning an income.
Cost money to maintain
Become less valuable over time
Personal property without renting part of it
Personal transportation
Cash due to inflation

Net worth by age

Seeing how net worth grows over time can help see the power of compound growth and help you set reasonable goals based on where you are right now.