Feeling $tuck?

Start your quest for financial freedom

ClinkUp is here to help you navigate the pitfalls of debt, learn how to invest your money for long term growth, plan your future in real estate or entrepreneurship. Ultimately, we want to help you reach financial freedom so you can live the life you want and not be tied down to debt and a job you might not enjoy.

Our mission

ClinkUp aims to fill a gap in your education. No matter your field of expertise or job title, you will need to be informed about your finances and how money works. However, personal finance is not typically taught in schools and money is usually a taboo topic at home. The idea that time equals money is ingrained in you from the time that you are given an allowance for doing chores around the house. The reality is that you will never be financially free when trading your time for money and hoping that the next raise will put you ahead.

Without memorizing complex financial formulas and trying to piece information together yourself, ClinkUp offers easy to use visual tools to simplify these concepts and help you find where you are and what you need to work toward next. We want to help you create strategies to accomplish your goals efficiently and avoid pitfalls along the way. Learn why financial independance is important and how to set yourself up for success!

Interactive resources

Utilize our unique set of easy to use tools for your financial planning needs. No need for complicated formulas, extensive research, or manually drawn graphs! From creating a budget and optimizing your debt payments to helping you to weight difficult financial decisions - ClinkUp's resource page is a fun way to get started!