Make a financial plan

Whether you are just starting and need help making a budget or making a plan to buy a house we have guides to help you plan your finances.

Financial Goals: A game you can win!

Creating a plan and sticking to it will be a game-changer for your financial success. Whether you are looking to pay down debt, save to buy a house, or looking toward retirement; Setting goals and checkpoints is crucial!

A budget is the crucial first step no matter what your goals are

Where are you in your journey

Personal finance can be a daunting field for anyone to understand since we are never taught the fundamentals. You might be thinking about taking on debt to invest in your future. You might have just graduated college and do not know where to start with your new career and loan payments coming due. You might be out of debt and wondering what to do with your expendable income. You might realize you will not be able to depend on social security and need to start taking your retirement into your own hands. These are just a few scenarios you might find yourself in but these are all part of the journey that most of us will go through!

You found your way to ClinkUp because you are looking to better your financial position in one way or another. You might already have rough idea of a goal but might need to refine it to make it achievable. Have you ever taken the time to look at how you spend your money on a day-to-day basis? You might be amazed to see that you can give yourself a raise just by cutting back on wasteful spending!


Define your goals

Having a target to aim for is the perfect first step when planning your finances.

Make a budget

From planning how to use your allowance to running your own business, maintaining a smart budget will pay dividends

Go debt free

Learn how to avoid debt or pay off what you owe. Creating a strategy is crucial in your quest for financial freedom

Make your money work for you

Learn about the power of compound interest and passive income

Where to start

Everyone is at a different place in their financial journey, so where should I start? First, find and develop a strategy to reach your goals. Defining goals can simplify the process and break down intimidating accomplishments into smaller achievable tasks. With smaller preplanned tasks, you can be strategic and find hidden opportunities. Now you will need to know your budget and find the bare minimum income to support your basic needs. You might begin see your expenses as necessities vs luxuries and question your spending habits. This budget will be the foundation you will grow your financial freedom from! Next, showing that you are a dependable borrower by increasing your credit score can have a substantial effects both on paying off debt as well as opening doors to invest in real estate and starting a business!

While first starting out might seem daunting, you will quickly see how all of your efforts begin to build and pick up momentum. Every new skill or concept that you learn can be applied again and again no matter what your net worth becomes. For example, personal budgets and debt management can be applied at companies you work for or create yourself. Reducing your debt and growing your sources of income will teach you how to value a company that you might want to invest in! Be proactive in your finances by eliminating sources of waste in your budget while searching for opportunities to have your money grow itself! Creating a plan can help you avoid pitfalls like paying unnecessary interest rates, buying things you do not need, and missing out on the powerful effect of compound interest.